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MASK TWG Meetings

February 26, 2017

01 Pellicle: scanner view of films and use by Mark van de Kerkhof, ASML
02 IBM EUV pellicle update by Dario Goldfarb, IBM
03 Status of FST's EUV pellicle development by Donwon Park, FST
04 imec's CNT pellicle progress by Ivan Pollentier, imec
05 Perspectives on the pellicle roadmap by Erik Hosler, GlobalFoundries
06 EBL2 by Edwin Sligte, TNO
07 EUV Tech's recent advances in pellicle handling, detection, and transmission measurements by Chami Perera, EUV Tech
08 Mask backside defect reduction to facilitate EUV adoption by Bruce Fender, AMAT

October 23, 2016

01 Pellicle infrastructure, status and requirements by Jim Wiley, ASML
02 EUV pellicle experience and opportunity by Ted Liang, Intel
03 Samsung's perspective on the EUV pellicle by Changyoung Jeong, Samsung
04 Impact of pellicle on EUV scanner throughput by Erik R. Hosler, GLOBALFOUNDRIES
05 Challenges for EUV pellicle introduction into mask manufacturing flow by Markus Bender, AMTC
06 MCI EUV pellicle development status by Yusuke Ono, Mitsui
07 EUV pellicle development status by Paul Janssen, ASML
08 CNT-based pellicle membrane for EUV: recent highlights by Emily Gallagher, imec
09 Suitability of carbon nanomembranes for use in EUV-pellicles by Albert Schnieders, CNM
10 Characterization of thin freestanding layers by Christian Laubis, PTB
11 EUV pellicle inspection by Peter van der Walle, TNO
12 EBL2 for pellicle exposure and analysis by Edwin te Sligte, TNO
13 Impact of pellicles on EUV mask maintenance by Jens Krümberg, SUSS
14 Clean mask challenges for EUV masks with pellicles by Bruce Fender, AMAT

February 21, 2016

01 Pellicle TWG - Agenda by Emily Gallagher, imec
02 ASML NXE Pellicle progress update by Dan Smith, ASML
03 EUV Pellicle Experience by Ted Liang, Intel
04 IBM EUV Pellicle Update by Dario L. Goldfarb, IBM
05 Alternative membrane development at imec by Emily Gallagher, imec
06 Pellicle HVM specifications by Derk Brouns, ASML
09 EUV Pellicle Transmission Measurements by Eric Gullikson, CXRO, LBNL
10 Membrane sample, EUV characterization by Christian Laubis, PTB

October 04, 2015

01 Pellicle TWG - Introduction by Emily Gallagher, imec
02 NXE Pellicle Progress Update by Dan Smith, ASML
03 TSMC Perspective on EUV Pellicle by Jack J.H. Chen, TSMC
04 EUV Pellicle TWG by Sungwon Kwon, Samsung Electronics
05 EUV Pellicle Manufacturability by Ted Liang, Intel
06 Fully Integrated Pellicle Solution for EUV HVM by Erik R. Hosler, Globalfoundries
07 Pellicle Membrane Development by Friday Harbor, LUXEL
08 Graphene Pellicles by Richard van Rijn, ANL
09 EUV Pellicle Development via Accelerated Neutral Atom Beam (ANAB) Processing of Ultra-thin Membranes by Sean Kirkpatrick, Exogenesis
10 Pellicle Membrane Development at imec by Johannes Vanpaemel, imec
11 PTB's Synchrotron Radiation based Metrology by Christian Laubis, PTB
12 In-Lab Pellicle Metrology Challenges by Serhiy Danylyuk, RWTH Aachen University
13 Pellicle Transmission Measurements by Chami Perera, EUVTech
14 FST's Status on EUV Pellicle & Inspection System Development by Donwon Park, FST
15 Mask Maintenance Cycle for EUV Masks with Pellicle by Jens Krumberg, SUSS
16 Entegris Pellicle Capable EUV Pod by Chris Newman, Entegris

October 06, 2013

01 iEUVi Mask TWG - Introduction by LongHe, Sematech
02 Mask Blank Development by Frank Goodwin, Sematech
03 Veeco ML Deposition by Tim Pratt, Veeco
04 Mask Substrate/Blank Cleaning Progress Challenges by Arun John, Sematech
05 Defect Location Accuracy Improvement by Murachi Tetsunori, EIDEC
06 Defect Avoidance - Overview and Budget by Emily Gallagher, IBM
07 Understanding the Mechanism of Capping Layer Damage by Il-Yong Jang, Sematech
08 Cleaning Technology Options For EUV Mask Lifetime Extension by Uwe Dietze, Suss
09 Entegris EUV Carrier Update by Poshin Lee, Entegris
10 Experiences with the “Clean Reticle Handling” Path Towards HVM Needs by Rik Jonckheere, IMEC
11 EUV Pellicle Progress and Strategy by Jim Wiley, ASML
12 EUV Mask Backside Inspection by Masashi Sunako, LaserTec
13 Larger mask / High NA Workshop update by Patrick Kearney, Sematech
14 Mask Standards Update by Long He, Sematech
ITRS Update by Long He, Sematech

February 24, 2013

01 iEUVi Mask TWG -Introduction by LongHe
02 EUV Pellicles by Hye-Keun Oh
03 Current Development Status of Shin-Etsu EUV by Shin-Etsu Chemical
04 Discussion of Pellicle Implementation by Sematech
05 Sematech Defect Printability Studies by Il_Yong_Jang
06 Remaining EUVL Mask Cleaning Challenges by Sherjang Singh
07 High-NA EUV Challenges and Promise by Patrick_Kearney
08 SHARP by Iacopo Mochi
09 Solving the Nanodefectivity Problem by Vibhu Jindal
10 Fiducial Development Status at HOYA by Tsutomu Shoki
11 AGC Input_on_SEMI_P48 Revision by Yoshiaki Ikuta
12 Blank Defectivity Mitigation Process Flow and Gaps by Markus Bender
13 ITRS Roadmapping Process by Frank Goodwin
14 P37 Revision Voting Results by SEMI
15 E152 Standard Update by LongHe
16 P48 Fiducial Standard Update by MASK TWG
17 MASK TWG Closing Remarks by MASK_TWG
18 iEUVI MASK TWG Update by LongHe

September 30, 2012

EUV Mask Challenges By Frank Goodwin, SEMATECH
P37 Revisions By John Zimmerman, ASML
Use pf EUV Pods at IMEC By Rik Jonkheere, IMEC
Reticle Shipping in EUV-pods By John Zimmerman, ASML
Entegris EUV pod testing and status update By Tom Kielbaso, Entegris
Shared Development Platform for Particle-Free Reticle Handling By Roland van Vliet, TNO
E152 Stamdard By Long He, SEMATECH
July Fiducial TF Meeting Summary By Long He, Sematech
Fiducial Mark Requirements from the Viewpoint of ABI By Tetsunori Murachi, EIDEC
E-beam Writer Integration Status By Shusuke Yoshitake, Nuflare
EUV blank development status update and Fiducial Mark proposal By Yoshiaki Ikuta, AGC
Fiducial Requirements for Phasur By Gregg Inderhees, KLA/Tencor
Fiducial Mark Discussion By Long He, Sematech
EUV Pellicles - An urgent need By Pawitter Mangat, GF
Pellicle Discussion By Long He, Sematech
Closing Remarks By Long He, Sematech

February 12, 2012

Opening and closing remarks By David Chan, SEMATECH
Phase defect mitigation strategy By Tetsunori Murachi, EIDEC
Fiducial defect location accuracy By Uzo Okoroanyanwu, GLOBALFOUNDRIES
Fiducial mark development By Tsutomu Shoki, HOYA
EB alignment function of fiducial mark By Shusuke Yoshitake, NuFLARE
AGC inputs to SEMI 4580 AGC
EUV pod testing and status update By Tom Kielbaso, Entegris
EUV Pod development and evaluation update By Chenwei Ku, Gudeng
DMS EUV pod clean and reticle storage tool update Lutz Rebstock, DMS
E152 revision status update and status of action items from last TWG, Handling discussions By Long He, SEMATECH
MLD deposition tool characterization By Patrick Kearney, SEMATECH
Smoothing layers for EUV substrate defectivity mitigation By Teki Ranganath, SEMATECH
Substrate Preparation for EUV Mask Blank Production By Arun John, SEMATECH

October 16, 2011

Mask TWG Handling Summary - Action Items
IEUVI Mask TWG Agenda
Opening and Closing Remarks By David Chan, SEMATECH
EUV Mask Standards Update By Long He, SEMATECH/Intel
EUV Pod development and evaluation update By Chenwei Ku, Gudeng
Entegris EUV pod status and update By Tom Kielbaso, Entegris
Nikon/Canon Perspectives of Potential Improvement of Pod Performance By Kazuya Ota, Nikon
Issues of Reticle Coatings and Reticle Edge Tolerance in Pod By Kazuya Ota, Nikon
Automation Challenges of EUV Reticle carriers By Katsushi Hayasaki, Rorze Corporation
Qualification of particle free EUV equipment By Jacques van der Donck, TNO
EUV Carrier implementation to the mask tool By Hiroki Miyai, Lasertec
Initial Learning of In-Fab Handling (of EUV Reticles) By Rik Jonckheere, IMEC
EUV mask cleaning challenges for 16 nm and 11 nm HP nodes By Abbas Rastegar, SEMATECH
EUV mask cleaning: challenges and solutions By Takeya Shimomura, Dai Nippon
Programmed and Native Defect Printability By Hyuk Joo (Harry) Kwon, SEMATECH
IMEC Inputs on Blank Defectivity By Rik Jonckheere, IMEC
Sources of defects in EUV Mask blanks By Vibhu Jindal, SEMATECH
Defect Reduction beyond 32nm By Jeff Blouse, ASNA
Detection of small size particles in low pressure and for component evaluation By Gregory Denbeaux, CNSE
Modeling Particle Transport in Low Pressure Under Plasma Conditions By Alexandre Likhanskii, Tech-X

September 18, 2011

Opening and Closing Remarks By D. Chan
EUV Mask Standards Update By L. He and D. Chan
EUV Mask Handling By N. Hayashi
Maskshop Implementation Discussions By L. He and D. Chan

February 27, 2011

Opening and Closing Remarks By D. Chan
Defect Reduction Update By F. Goodwin
Comparison of Measured Integrated Reflectivity with Spectral Parameters By R. Perera
EUV Reticle Handling Implementation ─ Discussion Topics
Proposal for Total Reflectivity Uniformity of EUV Mask Multilayer Coatings By J. Zimmerman
Standard Revision: SEMI P37-1109 Specification for EUVL Substrates and Blanks By J. Zimmerman et al.
E152 Standard Revision: EUV-pod Reticle Carrier By L. He et al

October 21, 2010

Opening and Closing Remarks By D. Chan
Mask Readiness Survey By D. Chan
E152 Standard Revision: EUV-Pod Reticle Carrier
P48 Fiducial Mark Standard Update
Proposed Changes to P-37 By D. Chan and J. Zimmerman
Reticle Handling / Shipping / Storage By L. He, G. Huang and D. Chan

February 21, 2010

Opening Statements By D. Chan, SEMATECH
EUV Pods By G. Huang, SEMATECH
Sidewall Deposition – EUV Mask Blank By F. Goodwin, SEMATECH
ML Defect Integrated Solution Demonstration By P.Y. Yan, Intel
SEMI 4580 Ballot: Specification of Fiducial Marks By L. He

October 22, 2009

Opening Statements By D. Chan, SEMATECH
Review / Discussion of 4584B By T. Hagiwara, Nikon; G. Huang, SEMATECH; A. Miyake, Canon; K. Ota, Selete and J. Zimmerman, ASML
SEMI P37 Status By D. Chan, SEMATECH; K. Orvek, SEMATECH; J. Zimmerman, ASML; T Hagiwara, Nikon; A. Miyake, Canon; K. Ota, Selete; Y. Ikuta, AGC and T. Shoki, HOYA
Fiducial Mark for Defect Mitigation Technology By S. Huh, D. Chan, G. Huang, SEMATECH; P.Y Yang, L. He, Intel and H. Han, Samsung
Strawman Alignment Error Budgets for Implementing Fiducial Marks By ASML
Flatness Compensation Updates/Challenges By J. Sohn, SEMATECH
ITRS Roadmap Update for EUV Masks
Proposal for Total Reflectivity Uniformity of EUV Mask Multilayer Coatings By J. Zimmerman, ASML
Defectivity Budget By D. Chan, G. Huang, SEMATECH

Panel Discussion
Welcome to Panel
Thoughts on Defect Printability Masks By B. La Fontaine, O. Wood, GLOBALFOUNDRIES; J. H. Peters, AMTC
Buried Defects Investigated with Simulation By C. Clifford, UC Berkeley
EUV Mask Defect Printability Standardization By R. Jonckheere
Defect Printability Mask Standardization -- Attributes and Possibility By S. Huh, SEMATECH/Samsung
Defect Printability Mask Standardization Attributes and Possibility By T. Liang, Intel
Defect Printability Mask Standardization -- Attributes and Possibility By Selete

February 22, 2009

Introduction and Greetings By K. Orvek, SEMATECH
SEMI Standards Updates By L. He, Intel, J. Zimmerman, ASML and K. Orvek, SEMATECH
ITRS Roadmap, Specifications for EUVL Masks 2010-2012
Review Mask Infrastructure Readiness Survey Results By K. Orvek, SEMATECH

Focus Topics: Mask Defect Density
Blank Defects By H. Yun, SEMATECH
Real-World Printing of EUV Mask Defects By O. Wood, AMD
Covering Defects -- Fiducial Status By S. Huh, SEMATECH

Wrap Up and Plans for Next TWG Meeting By K. Orvek, SEMATECH

October 2, 2008

EUV Mask Standards Update
EUV Mask Readiness: Pilot Line 2010 - 2012
EUV Mask Thermal Overlay Analysis
Incidence Angle to EUV Mask
Illumination Angle Change -- Why and When
Reticle Fiducial Mark Positioning

February 28, 2008

Agenda By K. Orvek
IEUVI Standards By K. Orvek, J. Zimmerman, R. Engelstad
ASML Standards Supplemental By J. Zimmerman
Selete By M. Amemiya
University of Wisconsin By R. Engelstad
Selete By K. Ota

November 01, 2007

International EUV Initiative (IEUVI) Mask Technology Working Group (TWG) Report to IEUVI Board By P. Seidel, SEMATECH
Attendance Report By K. Orvek, Intel/SEMATECH

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