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Optics Contamination and Lifetime TWG Meetings

February 26, 2009

Carbon Contamination of EUV Masks and its Effect on Imaging by Yu-Jen Fan, CNSE, U. Albany
Intel MET Status and Plans for 2009 by Roman Caudillo, Intel
Update on SFET Optics Contamination Learning by Iwao Nishiyama, Selete
Scaling Study of Carbon Deposition Rate on EUVL Optics by Akira Miyake, Canon
Ellipsometric and surface acoustic wave sensing of carbon contamination on EUV optics by Fred Bijkerk, FOM Institute Rijnhuizen
Discussion: predicting optics carbonization from a knowledge of resist outgas composition by Tom Lucatorto, NIST

October 2, 2008

Survey Results by Andrea WŁest, SEMATECH

SFET Optics Contamination Learning Update by Iwao Nishiyama, Selete
Intel MET Cold Trap Results and Related Data by Roman Caudillo, Intel
NIST Tools to Characterize Resist Outgas and Analyze Stepper Contaminants by Tom Lucatorto, NIST
Contamination and Cleaning of MET Illumination Mirrors by Erik Sohmen, Carl Zeiss SMT
EUV Mask Contamination During Use by Ted Liang, Intel

Collector Upgrade for Higher Power Optics Contamination Testing by Gregory Denbeaux, CNSE, U. Albany
EUV Resist Outgassing Activity at Selete by Toshiro Itani, Selete
SEMATECH Policy on EUV Resist Outgassing by Kevin Orvek, SEMATECH / Intel
Photoresist Outgassing for EUV HVM Exposure Tool by Canon & Nikon by Takashi Aoki, Nikon
Resist Outgas Metrology Update by Noreen Harned, ASML

February 28, 2008

Asia-Pacific Update / Critical Issues By Yasuaki Fukuda, EUVA / Canon
US Update By Tom Lucatorto, NIST

SFET Optics Contamination Status By Iwao Nishiyama, Selete
Neutral Cluster Modeling of the Reactivity of Coating Materials for EUV Optics By Elliot Bernstein, Colorado State University
Summary of EUV Optics Contamination Modeling Meeting By Andrea WŁest, SEMATECH

EUV Optics Contamination and Resist Outgassing: Introduction By Kevin Orvek, SEMATECH / Intel
EUV Resist Outgassing: Data from U. Albany By Gregory Denbeaux, CNSE, U. Albany
EUV Resist Outgassing: Data from NIST By Shannon Hill, NIST
Witness Plate Testing By Kevin Orvek, SEMATECH / Intel
Status of High PAG-Outgassing Resist Studies By Gregory Denbeaux and Robert Brainard, CNSE, U. Albany
High Outgassing Resist By Greg Wallraff, IBM
Mirror Reflectivity Loss and Resist Outgassing Rates By Noreen Harned, ASML

November 01, 2007

Asia-Pacific Update By Yasuaki Fukuda, EUVA
European Update By Bas Wolschrijn, TNO
US Update By Andrea WŁest, SEMATECH
Resist Outgassing Qualification for Alpha Demo By Noreen Harned, ASML
Resist Outgassing plans at IMEC By Ivan Pollentier, IMEC
Acceptable Photoresist Outgassing By Takashi Aoki, Nikon
Witness Plate Testing Lessons Learned and Suggestions for Future Protocols By Gregory Denbeaux, CNSE, U. at Albany
Implementing Total-Pressure Rise Method for Resist Outgas Measurement By Kevin Orvek, SEMATECH/Intel
Resist Outgas Discussion By Kevin Orvek, SEMATECH/Intel
Carbon accumulation and mitigation on model electron-irradiated TiO2 capping layers: a comparison with Ru By Theodore E. Madey, Rutgers U.
Analysis of EUVL optics contamination using in situ XANES technique By Masahito Niibe, U. of Hyogo
Effect of out-of-band light on optics and mask contamination By Gregory Denbeaux, CNSE, U. at Albany
Limits to accelerated MLM lifetime testing: TiO2 in hydrocarbons and Ru in H2O By Shannon Hill, NIST
SFET Optics Contamination Status By Iwao Nishiyama, Selete
Analysis of Optics and Mask Contamination in SEMATECH EUV Micro-Exposure Tools By Andrea WŁest, SEMATECH
Optics and Mask Contamination Discussion By Andrea WŁest, SEMATECH

March 01, 2007
List of Participants

Japan Update By Yasuaki Fukuda, EUVA
US Update By Tom Lucatorto, NIST
Intel update contamination of EUV MET mirrors By Manish Chandhok, Intel
Optics & Mask Contamination in SEMATECH EUV Micro-Exposure Tools By Andrea WŁest, SEMATECH
Summary of discussion on contamination in Mirco-Exposure Tools
Photochemistry on TiO2 Semiconductor Surfaces By John T. Yates, Jr., U. of Virginia
Overview of questions & issues related to resist outgassing
Resist Outgassing & its Role in Optics Contamination By Gregory Denbeaux, U. at Albany
Intel's EUV Resist Outgassing Program & Status at University of Wisconsin By Kevin Orvek, Intel
On the Out-gassing Standard for EUV Exposure Tool By Yasuaki Fukuda, Canon
Resist out-gassing qualification @ CEA-LETI By Raluca Tiron, CEA-LETI
Resist outgassing plans at IMEC By Mieke Goethals, IMEC
NIST Proposal to Standardize MLMs for Resist Contamination Testing By Tom Lucatorto, NIST
Discussion on resist outgassing

October 19, 2006

EUVL Optics Lifetime & Contamination European Update By Thomas Stein, Carl Zeiss SMT AG
Japan Update on Contamination Control By Yasuaki Fukuda, EUVA
U.S. Regional Update By Tom Lucatorto, NIST

February 19, 2006

November 10, 2005

Ruthenium & Ruthenium-Dioxide Surface Chemistry
Impact (and potential sources) of carbonacious species on lifetime testing of Ru-capped optics
The role of ambient hydrocarbon species to reduce oxidation in Ru capping layers for EUVL optics mirrors
Contamination Control Program at EUVA
Benchmarking test results on Sematech ML1 Ru-capped optics test sample
IEUVI Optics Contamination and Lifetime Technical Working Group

March 02, 2005

Introduction: Review of Areas of Possible Cooperation
& Discussion of Desired Meeting Output
By Ginger Edwards
EUV Optics Contamination & Lifetime: Intel Perspective & Expectiations By Manish Chandhok
Origins of Contamination from EUV Sources By Dick Anderson, Sandia
Resist Outgassing Summary By Kim Dean, SEMATECH
Hydrocarbon Contamination Monitoring Update By Anthony Kean, BOC Edwards
Intel Resist Outgassing Metrology & Specs By Heidi Cao, Intel
Optics Lifetime Testing Update By Tom Lucatorto, NIST
Update on Ru Oxidation Modeling By Yoshio Gomei, Canon
E-Beam Based Lifetime Testing Update By Dick Anderson
Update from ASET By Iwao Nisiyama, ASET
Update from EUVA By Yasuaki Fukuda, EUVA
Update from EUVA By Takashi Aoki, EUVA
Update from PTB By Christian Laubis, PTB
Update from TNO TPD By Bas Mertens, TNO TPD
Update from CEA-LETI By Cyril Vanneuffl
Update from Lawerence Livermore National Laboratory By John Taylor, LLNL
Present Compilation of Cooperation Topics By Leader of Group 2
Wrap-Up & Plans for Next Meeting By Ginger Edwards, SEMATECH

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